Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What's Happening on April Fool's

I've never really gotten into April Fool's Day. Probably because to pull off a really effective April Fool's joke lots of prior planning is required. Prior planning is not my greatest strength. I was trying today to think of some great April's Fool's Day jokes that I've heard about, and only a couple came to mind.

One was when Sports Illustrated wrote an article about a new pitcher in the New York Mets organization named Sidd Finch who threw 168 mph fastball. Supposedly the magazine received lots of letters from people wanting to know where they could see Finch pitch.

The other which I have only recently heard about, so I'm not sure if it's true, is even funnier. I heard there was a radio show in Baltimore, MD where the two DJ's promoted for weeks that Tyra Banks would be their special guest at an appearance they were doing. The day of the appearance, tons of people showed up to see supermodel Tyra Banks and instead they got....Shirley Hemphill. You remember Shirley from "What's Happening". I'm sure that there are people out there who like Shirley Hemphill, but when you were expecting Tyra Banks that would be quite a shock.

What's the best April Fool's Day joke you've been a part of, either as the joker or the jokee?

By the way, just to be in the spirit of things: Eddie Van Halen called today and asked me if I would go on tour with the band. They fired David Lee Roth (again) and would like me to be their new singer. I am leaving the office in a few minutes to be fitted for a spandex outfit. (Now that would be funny!)


jamieb said...

Here's a link from Charlotte.com that has some of the more famous April Fool's Day jokes.


I remember hearing about the story of the spaghetti tree. Here's the actual newscast.


I loved the Taco Bell story. I remember when that one happened.

Of course my favorite is the Sidd Finch story from SI. I think that one came out when I was in high school. They had me for a while. Then I got to the 168mph and I went, "what the heck?!?" I finished reading the story and went back to that 168 mph part. That's when I realized I was being had. Anyway, just for fun, here's the link to the Sidd Finch story.


Following up with one of your posts from last week, Cliff. I was sad to see Chikeze get voted off AI. I knew he wasn't going to win. He skewed too old to be the winner. Here's an interview at ew.com where he tells why he dropped his last name. Let's just say, Chikeze Easy, he ain't.


The Man with the Mad Links Skills

DMaC said...

No good April's Fools come to mind. But I must say. Given the choice, I'd much rather meet Shirly than Tyra. And in case you're wondering, I'd rather meet Aunt Ester over Brook Shields.

Tonya said...


The radio station that we listen to, 106.3 CHARLIE FM, has been advertising for weeks, that today they would play the last song. I figured they were going off the air. Today at 5pm, they played "THE LAST SONG"...can't remember who sings it. HA - I thought that was funny!

Have a nice day.

Mark H. Johnson said...

Van Halen...you wish!

More like Van Haggar at best dude!

Anonymous said...

Cliff -
Here is a great April Fool's story I came across while trying to read the news online. You'll have to cut and paste the link below. I know you'll enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

The Shirley story is true. Don and Mike did it