Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Afternoon Quarterback

This week has begun the way last week ended, busy. I guess that's to be expected. Here's what I'm thinking about today:

Sherry and I had a great time this weekend. Our girls spent Thursday and Friday night with Sherry's parents, so we were able to enjoy some much needed uninterrupted time together. We love our girls like crazy, but a couple of days alone is always nice. We spent Friday at the mall, and it was fun! Normally I'd rather take a beating than spend a few hours at the mall, but this was different. There was no hurry, not a big crowd, and we had plenty of time to talk and laugh. When Emily came back from Granny and Pops' house Sherry said to her, "your Dad was good at the mall." Maybe she'll let me go back.

I'm looking forward to baseball. Yes, Major League Baseball is in full swing but I'm talking about Greer Recreation league baseball. For the third year in a row I am helping Dean Hawkins with one of his boy's teams. This year we are the Cubs, and our first game is Tuesday night. I can't wait to start "coaching" this week. When I say "coaching" I mean saying things like "good eye" and "nice cut". That's about all the coaching I'm qualified for.

Rambo rescues woman from smoke. That is the headline across the top of today's Greenville News. Apparently a dog named Rambo woke a woman who was asleep in a burning house over the weekend. Of course when I saw the headline I imagined John Rambo, Vietnam veteran and vigilante warrior, shooting down the door to a burning building with a machine gun and carrying a woman to safety across his shoulders. That would have been more exciting.

Evidently lots of y'all that read this can relate to an overflowing septic tank. I have received more response to last Thursday's blog about pumping out the tank than any of the others. I guess the image of "stuff" bubbling up in the yard really makes an impact.

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DMaC said...

"It's a shame we have to put her in the ground."
-Hank Hill, on a septic tank
I miss the freedom of controlling your own stuff. City services lack that sense of ownership.
So have you reached this feeling? Males our age have no business at the mall.