Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday morning quarterback

What a rainy and cold weekend we just experienced! The good news is that spring weather should be here in a day or so. South Carolina is one of those rare places where you get the chance to run your heat and A/C on the same day. Lots of stuff in my mind today, here's some:

- The way God speaks through scripture continues to amaze me. I was reading through 1 Timothy this morning when a verse jumped off of the page at me. 1 Timothy 3:16 says, "Beyond all question, the mystery of godliness is great...".

I was reminded of how my normal desire is for all of life to be neat and tidy, but it rarely is. The whole path that God wants us to walk down is full of mystery and awe. Even our best efforts at godliness and understanding who God is can be full of surprises. I have read Timothy many times before, but today God used part of one verse to remind me of why I'm here. That's amazing.

- Baseball's back! The Braves lost their opening game last night, but Chipper Jones hit a home run. If he plays a full season without injury or time off this year, he is on pace to hit 162 home runs! That would shatter the current record! Seriously, I'm excited about the Braves chances this year, but it's a long season.

- This isn't important in the grand scheme of things but, I saw a commercial for Toyota trucks yesterday that uses the REM song "I Am Superman" for the background music. Is anyone other than me surprised that they would allow one of their songs to be used to sell trucks? I'm not saying they shouldn't, it just surprised me. I was just as surprised when John Mellencamp did the same thing.

- Pray for other new churches this week. Beginning Freedom has taught me that we are part of a much bigger movement of planting new churches across the state of South Carolina. I just found out that a friend of mine who started a new church in Lexington a couple of years ago made the tough decision to close down the church. Almost half of all new churches die within the first three years. One thing that is true is that every time a new church begins, people's lives are changed. Here's a list of some guys I know who are starting new churches, pray for them by name. Ask God to use them to reach as many people as possible. Maybe the day will come when no more churches close their doors.

Carl Martin
Michael Green
Jonathan Everette
Sammy Clary
Art Fulks
Jim Reppart

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Jonathan Everette said...

Thanks for adding my name a someone to pray for. I really appreciate it. We need to get together sometime soon. I need a favor.

Chip Reeves said...

What about Bob Dillon selling Cadilacs? So many non-sellout types sellong out.

DMaC said...

I'm curious what movie you went with. I would have suggested No Country.. Typical Cohen brothers. Very quirky, dark humor, underlying themes. Javier Bardem scares the poo out of ya one minute then makes you laugh with fear the next. I was wondering if Gracie writes for DC Talk.
Also, pray for Robert. He's having 9 toes amputated this week. Been in and out of the hospital for a few months.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cliff!
You didn't mention about all of the number one seeds making the final four. I was pulling hard for Davidson - and thought just because of never having all #1's in the finals before - that they would make it. We didn't even fill out brackets this year - but I would have picked UNC to win it all. We'll see. I hope you all are doing well. (Sorry I'm listed as anonymous - I can't remember my password - I guess I don't leave you enough comments!) Robin

Cliff Marshall said...

Jonathan - give me a call or send me an e-mailand we'll figure out time to get together

Robin - I didn't have allthe 1's in the Final Four, but I did win the Marshall family bracket competition!

Dave - I actually ended watching both movies. One on Thursday and the other on Friday. No Country was certainly the better of the two. The ending was so sudden that it caught me off guard, but the more I thought about Tommy Lee Jones' character it made sense.

Anonymous said...

Winning the Marshall family brackets is not a whole lot to brag about. You know we have no idea what we are doing - Sherry

Anonymous said...

There is a current ad running by Ford or Chevy using "Word Up" by Cameo. How does that work? Can you imagine all of the VP's of Marketing sitting in a stategy session brainstorming about the perfect song for the perfect truck? "uhhh, should we use a Mellencamp track or do we go back with Toby Keith? And then one of them speaks up and says "neither. I have been reading a book on thinking outside of the box. I think we should use Word Up." "Wow what a great idea (hopping on the speaker phone) uh, Barbara, could you call Cameo and ask him for permission for the rights to Word up?" " Hi, this is Barbara with Ford. May I please speak to Mr. Cameo?"

That's just funny to me.