Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday morning quarterback

It was great to see the sunshine yesterday! I don't think I could live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains all the time. The effect last week's gloomy weather had on my emotions makes me understand why so much of the music that came out of Seattle in the 90's was so depressing. Here are some sunny highlights from the weekend:

- Babies are awesome!
Getting to do baby dedication as part of yesterday's service reminded me that getting to see and hold babies always brings me some joy. The cool thing now is that if the baby is in a bad mood I can just hand them back over to their parents! Maybe that's why everyone makes such a big deal over being a grandparent.

- Speaking of babies...
Wendy Trusty told me that the preschool area was overflowing with kids yesterday. There are still some teaching and greeting opportunities in the preschool ministry. If you are regularly attending Freedom and you are not serving in any area yet, this could be your place of service. If you are interested or have questions send Wendy an e-mail at:

- I had a guy tell me after yesterday's message that he couldn't believe I said "jack squat". This guy really thought it was funny because I said it during the invitation! I promise I didn't have "jack squat" written in my notes. Stuff just comes out of my mouth sometimes. I get it honest, my Dad suffers from the same condition.

- I got to spend some alone time with Emily yesterday. Grace was off at a friend's house, so Emily and I watched one of the Harry Potter movies in the Fortress of Solitude. I would rather hang out with Sherry or my two girls than anyone else.

There's a lot to get started on this week. I'll keep you updated on all the latest news. Thanks for reading and commenting!


truthseeker7772001 said...


I have been praying hard for Freedom. It is so good to hear how the Spirit is moving in the people of Freedom. We need to do lunch again sometime soon.


We had an interactive prayer room that the SCBC set up for us this weekend that is incredible!! If you get a chance you need to come by and check it out before noon on Tuesday. They could easily set this up in your offices.

Chip Reeves said...

I can't hear the phrase "jack squat" without thinking about Chris Farley. A few weeks ago I was preaching about John the Baptist and said "down by the river" and noticed that some of the college students got the giggles.
I appreciate the mention re: "bad mother". Glad to hear a bit that's over 15 years old still works with today's youngsters. OR it could have taken 15 years for the church to be ready to hear that.

The Brighter Side of Things said...


The one comment I consistently hear from the people that have joined me and my family at Freedom on any given Sunday has been that you make things so easily understandable. This has come from people that grew up in church as well as from people that have not been in church. If it takes "Jack Squat" or being "a bad mother" to do it then keep doing it. You suffer from a great condition.