Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jesus: He's so offensive

Something bothered me last night. It didn't really surprise me, but it still bothered me. I was half-way watching "Idol Gives Back", (that means I was switching between Ultimate Fighter, the Braves game, and Idol) when it occurred. To close the show, the final eight contestants came out dressed in white (cheesy) to sing "Shout to the Lord". When Ryan Seacrest said what they were about to sing I couldn't believe it. I was expecting to hear another song with that same title, but when the music started I knew it was the "Shout to the Lord" you've heard in church a thousand times. Then it happened. The first four words of the song (as you probably know) are: "My Jesus, my Savior...". Instead of those words, the Idol contestants sang, "My Shepherd, my Savior..."

Removing the name of Jesus reminded me of what we talked about two weeks ago in the last message of the Uncensored Grace series. The concept of one way to God is offensive to people. The idea that the only way you can be forgiven of sin is through Jesus is seen in today's culture as narrow-minded and just plain wrong. Of course the concept of Jesus as the only way to heaven is exactly what is taught in the bible. Remember this verse or this one? Like I said, it didn't surprise me, but it did bother me. With Oprah doing her web casts on spirituality and Bono singing in concerts about "Jesus, Jew, Mohamed, True" we need to be certain as followers of Christ that we hold fast to truth. The truth is Jesus, whether Idol sings His name or not.

Whew, I feel better now.

Read Isaiah 6:1-8 in preparation for this week's message on worship.


Jerry Chapman said...

Unbelieveable. I've actually stopped watching Idol this year. Just doesn't hold the interest for me like it used to. So much more going on in the world, you know?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I haven't gotten into idol to much this year, but I'm disappointed someone didn't stand up and say I'm not singing if you are going to change the lyrics. Isn't it interesting that they change the lyrics on this song, but not any other songs they sing. Also, the Oprah thing is something I think we all should be really ticked off about. She is leading millions astray. Anyways, thanks for preaching the truth, no matter if it's popular or not! ---Amber Ploof

DMaC said...

I'm kinda glad I didn't see that. That sorta thing drives me nuts. But I do wish Charlie Daniels had been there...wearing boots!

Sandy Hunter said...

Well, it looks like someone in Hollywood read your blog, they just sang "Shout to the Lord" the right Way the only way!!!

Anonymous said...

I was watching last night too, and was also not surprised but very upset to see them take the name of Jesus out of the song. However, did you watch tonight? When they opened the show, they sang it again and said "My Jesus, My Savior". I was actually in the next room and the boys were watching. I thought I heard it right, but I came running in there and said, "Did they say 'My Jesus' or 'My Shepherd'?" The boys told me they said "Jesus" and of course asked why I wanted to know. (They didn't see the show last night.) I had a great conversation with them about the world's view that is way off the mark. I thought it was interesting that Idol changed the song tonight. I wonder if they heard from people today?