Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Worship is...

I'm really looking forward to the new series of messages that we are starting this Sunday. After some conversations with different people over the last couple of months and lots of praying and thinking, we decided several weeks ago to focus April's messages on worship. I believe worship is very misunderstood by lots of church folks. I'm not going to claim that a four week message series on worship will cover all there is to know, but I am very excited about the things we can learn together about worship this month.
Here's some stuff I want you to be working on:

- Invite your friends!
I know that is the standard thing I always encourage you to do, but I wanted to be sure you continue to do it this month. You might think that a message series on worship would only apply to followers of Christ, but that's not true! What better way for a friend of yours that does not know Jesus to learn about His love and care by listening to messages about why He should be worshipped?

- Read Psalm 100.
Each week I'll post a specific scripture passage for you to read here. This week the message will come from Psalm 100. It would be cool if you would read it everyday this week. As you read it, ask God to speak to your heart about how He wants you to worship Him.

- Tell other Freedom attenders about this blog.
No I'm not looking for more readers so I can feel better about myself. At least not totally. If everyone who is a regular Freedom attender comes on Sunday having read Psalm 100, and knows the direction we're heading I think it will make a difference in what happens during worship. Send a linc from this post to your friends in an e-mail, or just ask them if they've read Psalm 100 yet.

Thanks for all ya'll do to make Freedom happen week after week. Let's keep it up!


DMaC said...

I can't make it this week. But I'll do my part to make you feel better about yourself. You're good enough, you're smart enough and dog-gone it, people like you!

Sandy Hunter said...

you go Stuart Smally....