Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A few of my favorite things

I know as Americans that we are spoiled, really spoiled. We have access to things that people in other parts of the world only dream of. I thought about that last week when Cuba made cell phones legal, and people were lined up down the street to get one for the first time. With that in mind, here's a list of some things that have me spoiled. These are things that I know I could live without, but I hope I never have to:

wool socks - I can't imagine wintertime with just regular cotton socks

ipod - the most awesome invention ever (in my opinion and this is my list)

reduced fat Cheez-Its - much better than the regular greasy Cheez-Its

peanut butter - Jif is my favorite, but I'm not picky. I made a tactical error by not taking any with me when I went to Brazil four summers ago. By the end of the week I would have given $100 for a spoonful.

crossword puzzle in the Greenville News - working on this two or three times a week has kept me from going crazy

Nestle Quik - the powder

Bible - obvious, but I wanted to be sure I listed it so y'all won't think I'm just about food and other unimportant things

Crocs - When they first came out I made fun of people wearing rubber shoes, then I tried some on. Most comfortable shoe ever. I'll still be wearing them when they go out of style, which may be now for all I know.

That's about it. What would be on your list?


Anonymous said...

I think hairspray, my heated blanket, and mascara would be some things I would put on my list. - Sherry

DMaC said...

Sherry, please be careful with the hairspray/heated blanket combo. That's combustion waiting to happen.
I'll go with Diet Coke. The artificial sweetener is probably doing damage but man am I addicted.
Milk and chocolate chip cookies.
Perhaps sadly, T.V. I don't watch as much as I used to but in an odd way, the advent of the internet had made TV much less a guilty pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Marshall: we are glad that you love peanut butter. However, we must take issue at your choice in Jif products. At one time I know for a fact that we were your favorite. Never mind that we went out of business and our products are no longer available, we still value being your number one preference.



blake said...

Free Cell.
Greer BBQ.
Orson Scott Card Novels.

really cliff - crocs? socks of any sort? reduced fat? really?

Lisa Wilson said...

I'm with Sherry. I have to have hairspray and my flat iron to straighten my hair. Also, my cell phone, HGTV House Hunters, and The Greenville News crossword - EVERYDAY.