Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday quote and other info

I haven't included any quotes from famous people for the last couple of Fridays, so I thought ya'll would enjoy this one from the man who never got any respect.

"The only normal people are the ones you don't know too well."

So true.

Here are a few other things that might interest you:

- Keep praying about land and buildings. We will be making an announcement about this fairly soon, but in the meantime keep praying for wisdom for the team working on this project. There will be an important meeting this Tuesday morning at 8:00 that should clarify things even more.

- Have you read Psalm 100 yet?

- The Braves are 1-3. I know that there are still 158 games left to play, but the bullpen is worrying me. Not to mention the fact that Mike Hampton, who hasn't pitched in almost three years, got hurt last night. He didn't get hurt during the game mind you, he got hurt warming up. To quote modern day philosopher and renaissance man Allen Iverson, "We're talking about practice. Not a game, practice."

- I'll probably write more about this later, but I ran across this verse in Proverbs the other day. That's what I pray would be the effect of Freedom has on Greer. Greer should be a better place to live because of the presence of our church!

- I'm looking forward to seeing ya'll this Sunday. Be sure to bring your friends!


DMaC said...

I've already told you. I can't be there!! Hehe. The "..better place to live" quote is pretty good. Simply yet as true as it gets. I'm glad you brought up quotes. Reminded me of what I read today. I'll blog accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Ben Able. This is the quickest I could get in touch with you while i am at work on Sunday afternoon so I will make it breif. I work with Kristen Pittman who is married to Trent Pittman who was in your youth ministry at Fairview in the early years. This is really just an FYI that they visited Sunday (wasnt sure if you saw them) and seemed to enjoy it. I am gonna try to get them in a small group.