Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday morning quarterback

The weather keeps getting weirder. Almost 80 on Friday, 35 this morning, it's definitely time to keep a jacket close by. Here's a peek into my head this morning:

-Yesterday had a little bit of everything for me. First of all the, band sounded great! I was especially excited to have Liz Wood playing guitar with us for the first time. Liz was in my youth group my last couple of years at Fairview, so it was very cool to have her help lead worship at Freedom. Talking about the whole Connection Card thing was kind of strange. I didn't want to sound like I was fussing at our regular attenders at all, but I just wanted everyone to understand why filling out the cards are important. It has already proven to be a great tool for connecting with our first time guests. Then to top off a great Sunday morning I had the opportunity to be there when a little girl began a relationship with Jesus! That's why we do what we do every week!

- Friday night we ate a ton of guacamole. Sherry and I went to El Mariachi for our regular Friday night date, but this week we had the girls with us. We ordered a large order of guacamole dip because Emily likes it too, and when they brought it out I started laughing. It was a large salad bowl full of the yummy green stuff. Then when the bill came out I really started to laugh. The dip cost more than Emily's entree! It sure was good.

- We're on the verge of some big stuff. I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago on this blog, but God has been giving the same message to some other people as well. Just last week I had someone stop me and say, "I think we better get ready because I sense that God wants to do something big here." I feel the same way. We need to be sure and be ready to do whatever He commands.

Don't let the unseasonably cold weather get you down. Have a great week!

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Miller said...

Something big's "about" to happen, huh?

"Get Ready" sounds defensive. Like we need to stock up for Y2K again.

How about "Let's Get GOING!!!" Or "Get After It!!!"

Or maybe (with just the right amount of Ricky Ricardo's accent) "Do Something!"

'course -- That's just my opinion -- I could be wrong...