Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A prayer to the Organic God

One of the things that I probably should add to this blog is a list of the books I'm reading or have recently read. When I figure out how to add a list that includes pictures of the books, I will get one on here. One great book that I've just finished reading is "Organic God" by Margaret Feinberg. It is an uplifting look at several different attributes of God and how they impact us. One day as I was thinking about what I had just read, I wrote this prayer. Maybe you can relate to it.

Father God,
Please forgive me. I have limited my relationship with You to a list of rules and a desire for the sure-footed, easy path. I want to totally embrace the wonder, mystery, danger, awe, and excitement of who You are. Help me to live, love, and lead in that way. Amen.


Margaret Feinberg said...


That's a wonderful prayer. I can definately relate.


Anonymous said...


Just click on the icon next to
the "abc" or the third one from the right when you create a post.
You can upload a picture from
your PC or the Internet.

I am using whatever the latest release is.

Jim S