Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Attention Men: Baseball

The weather is warm (sometimes), the trees are in bloom, and The Masters is over. It must be time to go to a ball game! The Greenville Drive are playing a daytime game against the Rome Braves on Wednesday, May 7, and I want as many of you men who can to go with me. You need a reason to knock off from work early every once in a while, and what better reason than to go to the ballpark? This would be a perfect opportunity for you to build relationships with some of the unchurched guys you work with by inviting them to join us.
The game starts at noon. We'll order tickets as a group if there is enough interest, if not we'll just purchase them individually that day.

If you want to go, send me an e-mail at: cliff@freedomfellowshipsc.com


Amanda said...

It's a good think I don't like baseball or else I would be upset about the "boys club" :) Now if it was football- we'd be fighting.
Keep up the good work- I know first hand how awesome it is the changes that freedom makes in people.

blake said...

i'm there.