Thursday, May 29, 2008

ONE Prayer

Am I the only one who has felt like I'm running behind all week? Since we were off on Monday, Tuesday became Monday, Wednesday became Tuesday, now here I am on Thursday which really feels like Wednesday and I'm starting to get confused. Anyway, that's why I didn't write anything yesterday. I know that the seven of you who regularly read this were very disappointed.

This week we are beginning a message series called ONE Prayer. We will be participating in this along with over 900 churches around the world. The focus of the series is this: If you could pray just one prayer for the church (not just Freedom, but all of God's churches) what would it be? I will be kicking off the series this week with the prayer that I have for the church which is: Make us matter.

Some of the scripture we will be looking at is: Proverbs 11:11, Matthew 16:18-19, and 1 Corinthians 13:1-3.

For the rest of the series we will do some things we've never tried before.

First, we will be using video teaching from some other pastors from around the country. Because the ONE Prayer series is a world wide emphasis we want to hear what other pastor's prayers are for the church.

Second, on the final Sunday of the month I will be bringing the message at Springwell Church and Springwell's pastor Scott McAllister will be bringing the message at Freedom. This will be a practical reminder to us that we are partners (not competitors) with other churches to reach the world.

There is one other big thing we've never tried before that I will tell you about later, because the details haven't been worked out yet, but when it happens it will be very cool!

If this sounds strange and confusing to you don't worry, I will explain things a little more fully this Sunday during the service, which by the way is at 10:30 at Greer High School. I'm looking forward to seeing you there!


blake said...

i definitely feel you on feeling behind this week.

and i am very excited about one prayer. we are partners with churches all over the world and all over greer. this is a good reminder.

jimmy white said...

i have also been a day behind all week but im glad the week is almost over. i know you did not count me as one of the 7 who read your blog, but i check and read everyday. that should be a great series of messages this prayer would be for people who came from the gutter as i did could find a place like freedom to get the freedom that comes from a relationship with jesus. have a great week.

Sammy Clary said...

I was blittering. It was blog twittering so it wasn't officially twittering.

The Brighter Side of Things said...

Unlike everyone else (which is the way I like to be) I have been running a day ahead of schedule. I guess it is just overcompensation for loosing a day of routine Monday.

I can't wait for the "One Prayer" series. My prayer is for the church to forget about what is going in the world around them and focus on getting everyone on the train to heaven.