Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sunday scripture, awesome stuff at Midtown

This past Sunday I had someone mention to me that I didn't put the scripture for last week's message on the blog. I was glad to know that at least one person is reading ahead. (thanks, Alan)

With that in mind, this week's message will be about the vision God has for our church. I know some of you might be thinking, "don't we talk about this all the time?" The answer is, yes. We talk about it a lot because I believe that vision is one of those things that the more we discuss it the more real it becomes to us. As we focus on God's vision for all His churches, we will read a great story found in Luke 15:11-31. As you read this story ask yourself this question, "Where is the heart of the Father?" Our heart as a church should be where the Father's heart is. If that is the case then following God's vision will be very natural.

In other news:

- Brooke went home from American Idol last night. She was one of my favorites, ever since Chikezie left, but I knew she had no shot of winning. She did start to get on my nerves a little with all the crying. Also, the new song Neil Diamond sang had lyrics that seemed to be talking about Jesus.

- Midtown Fellowship in Columbia had an amazing baptism service in a parking garage this past Sunday! Over 40 people publicly made their commitment to Jesus known by being baptized! Midtown is one of the new churches that we support financially every month. They are reaching students at USC like crazy. You can read about the baptism service on Dustin's blog.

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Chip Reeves said...

Interesting how when Idol contestants, once voted off, re-sing that deep, meaningful song they messed up the night before that the song is now seems to be presented so deeply and meaningfully through their tears. Irony, thou art a cruel mistress.