Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday morning quarterback

Scattered thoughts after a three day weekend for you to peruse:

- Yesterday I ate too much. Donny fried up a lot of the fish he's been catching this spring, along with some spicy deer sausage. Let's just say I didn't show much restraint. My plan is to punish myself at the gym this afternoon, but I'm pretty certain that the amount of fried food I ate yesterday will not come off in one workout.

- Danica Patrick is one tough girl. At least she thinks she is. During the Indianapolis 500 this weekend some guy ran into her on pit road. The accident took her out of the race, so her reaction was to march down to his crew to pick a fight. Fortunately, (or unfortunately depending on your point of view) she was stopped before she got all the way there. Now I know there are some ladies out there who can whip a man's tail, but Danica Patrick is 5 feet tall and weighs around 98 lbs. What was she really going to do? Maybe she was hoping that the guy she was going after had been taught never to hit a girl. Now I'm hoping she comes to NASCAR and has a wreck with Tony Stewart. If she does she better watch it. I'm betting he would hit a girl.

- Donny did an awesome job on Sunday. I enjoyed having a break from speaking, but just having Donny back preaching was the best part.

- This Sunday we're kicking off a cool series called ONE Prayer. There are over 900 churches across the country who will be participating. I will be sure and write more about it tomorrow.

That's it for now. I'm already a day behind so I need to get back to work.


DMaC said...

I'd like to see Tony Stewart and Big Brown get into a fight.

Cliff Marshall said...

My money's on the 1,200 pound horse.