Friday, May 16, 2008

Connecting with God

Dustin wrote some good stuff about how a church should grow that you need to read. You can do that here. Dustin is the pastor at Mid-Town Fellowship in Columbia.
Mid-Town is one of the new churches that we support financially every month. They are doing an awesome job of reaching USC students as well doing lots of work with the homeless.

I'm reading a new book entitled "Looking for God" by Nancy Ortberg. One of the things she talks about is how we often limit the interaction we have with God to our "quiet time". We take 10-30 minutes to talk to God, and then we go on about our day without much thought of who He is or what He would have us do. In reality, God's desire is to walk with us and communicate with us throughout the day in many ways. Nancy Ortberg words it this way, "What a joy to realize that from the time we wake up until the moment we lay our head on the pillow to sleep, we have been given a variety of extraordinary ways to connect with our extarordinary God."

How can you connect with God today outside of your devotion time? One way I plan on doing that night tonight is by hanging out with all of God's people at Relay for Life. Maybe I'll see you there.

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