Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday morning quarterback

In yesterday's message about the power of influence I mentioned the Time magazine list of the 100 most influential people in the world. There's a guy on the list I had never heard of named Kaka. He is a Brazilian soccer player, and I joked yesterday that I never made a decision this past year and wondered, "What would Kaka do if he were me?"
I just received an e-mail from Mike Breece with the picture you see attached. It turns out Kaka is a follower of Christ, and every time he scores a goal he removes his jersey to reveal a shirt that reads "I belong to Jesus". Evidently Kaka is doing exactly what I talked about yesterday. He is being a light for Jesus in the arena God has placed him in. That's pretty cool.
Here are a few other things on my mind:
- "No One Like You" is my new favorite song our band does. I knew when I got to hear them practice yesterday morning that song would be awesome and it was! I gave Richie (our drummer) a hug after the service, and his shirt was soaked. Playing that song twice was a real workout for him. The best part about our band is, week after week they lead without attitude or ego. It shows when they are up front, and it is very evident when they are practicing and dealing with each other before everything gets started.
- We ate subs at home for lunch yesterday. Maybe that doesn't seem fancy enough for Mother's day, but after talking with several people who waited forever to be seated at various restaurants around town yesterday I think we made a good choice. Everybody goes out to eat on Mother's Day, so we thought it would be a good idea to grab some Firehouse Subs and relax. That was Sherry's idea. She's really smart.
- Good stuff is happening in Life Groups. Every week I hear more stories about relationships being built, people reading the Bible for the first time in years, and people's needs being met by the member's of their group. This fall we will begin lots of new groups. You can be apart either by leading one, hosting one in your home, or by simply participating. If you know you would like to host or lead send Donny an e-mail at:
Remember today that you are salt and light. Intentionally be an influence for Jesus where you go today!


DMaC said...

I just found Kaka's rookie card in a shoebox! I'm kidding. It's funny though. If one of our athletes were to do something like this they'd be criticized or told "this is not the place" for that. Rock on Kaka!

Anonymous said...

Cliff, We really enjoyed the sermon yesterday. And we even used it later in the day as we were talking to one of the children about making the choice to influence others to be happy.

I think you should do some comedy acts during the week, just to keep us in line!


blake said...

why does this post look so bunched up?


kaka is awesome.
no one like you is awesome.
firehouse is awesome.
moms are awesome.