Thursday, May 22, 2008

Am I a real church planter?

A little over three years ago when we started Freedom Fellowship I became a church planter. That is just another term for a guy who starts a new church and is the pastor of that church. There were many of you who also became church planters then, because I consider everyone who helped get this church off the ground to be a planter. Since then I have gone to a lot of church planting conferences, meetings, lunches, and retreats. I also read lots of church planter blogs, books, and magazine articles. Just like any other group, planters have developed their own culture. We tend to read the same books, look up to the same people etc. That being said here's a list of things that make me wonder if I am a real church planter:

- I don't have a fauxhawk, use gel in my hair, or have a soul patch.
I have noticed at a couple of conferences I've been to that some guys are using the fauxhawk as a way of covering up their impending baldness. I guess in those cases the fauxhawk is the new comb-over.

- I don't wear designer t-shirts.
My t-shirts are either freebees, restaurant related, or left over from VBS or a camp. I don't have any cool ones with skulls sprouting wings or anything like that.

- I don't have a pair of Skechers.
I think they look cool. I just don't have any.

- I don't drink Starbucks coffee.
I generally don't drink any coffee. That's what having a couple of kidney stones will do for you. I do like Frappuccinos, but those suckers are expensive.

- I don't have an iphone or a blackberry.
I actually tried to get a blackberry but the nice lady at the Alltell store said I had recently renewed my contract and I wasn't eligible for an upgrade. Of course she did offer to sell me one at the full price of $600. Since I think paying $2.50 for a Frappucinno is too much, guess what I thought about a $600 phone?

Despite my lack of qualifications I will try to continue to lead Freedom to be a church that makes an impact.

To all my church planting buddies that do meet these qualifications, keep up the good work! Y'all are awesome!


Sammy Clary said...

Fauxhawk- Negative a hat works best for me.

Soul Patch- Negative I don't think a grey hair soul patch would be too stylish.

Designer T-Shirts- Does something from Steve and Barrys count as designer? If so, designer has gone on the cheap because that's where mine come from.

Sketchers- Just bought a pair but I have only worn them once, My Rocket Dogs are more my style.

Starbucks- Negative-Who decided it was cool to pay more for a coffee than I do for lunch?

I Phone or blackberry- Double Negatives there too.

You forgot about making every post on your blog spiritual, constant preacher to preacher shout outs on your blog, quotes from Ed Jr., Bill H, Andy S, and John Max, , constant name dropping like yeah I was in Spartanburg hanging with Sammy Clary and John Sharp at the quest conference, anyway the list could go on and on. Thankfully I only fit one of the profiles and that was the Sketchers although they have only been on my feet a few hours.

Mark H. Johnson said...

Cliff- that cracked me up!!! Especially after I saw the wikipedia entry re: soulpatch referenced the Baptist youth ministers. Of course, I am leaving this comment from my blackberry :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it took me so long to leave a comment. I decided to stay in Atlanta after being here for the Passion conference.

Chip Reeves said...

Hey! Ray Charles had a soul patch--oh . . . yeah . . . uhhhhh . . . yeah, forgot about that whole, obvious answer as to why he did.
Make sure your next VBS t-shirt has skulls, sings, barbed wire, tribal markings, and random Old English letters.

Dan said...

Is this a shameless plug for a free "SPAM" T-shirt? That would make you look SPAMtastic though!

Bryan Parris said...

Cliff...just found your blog. You would look good with the Fauxhawk. Will go great with an old Fuge shirt. :)

T. Alan said...

do you wear flops or crocs?
Have you ever grown a gotee?
When you attend a traditional church are you overdressed?
Thanks for writing your story.