Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday morning quarterback

It's a beautiful Monday morning, and I hope your weekend left you energized to dive right into another work week. This weekend was busy and fun for me. Here are the highlights from Relay for Life on Friday night:

- It was cold but still fun. I don't know what the wind chill was on Friday night in Greer, but I know that my teeth were chattering by the time we headed home. Despite that, the whole night was a blast. I got to catch up with a bunch of kids (now they're adults) from my youth ministry days at Fairview, as well as all of our hard working Freedom folks. Our relay team, led by Kelly Thomas, did a great job again this year. This year's event raised over $230,000 for the American Cancer Society! If you missed it this year, you will want to plan to be there next year.

- I got to sing with an amazing band.
My buddy Michael Buffalo Smith had put together a band of Southern Rock musicians to play at Relay for Life, and they were good. I mean really good. Michael asked me if I would sing the first verse of "Can't You See" by the Marshall Tucker Band with them. Of course I said I would. I couldn't turn down that type of opportunity. By the time the guys got to the song I was freezing, and I was afraid the words I sang would sound like I was stuttering due to my teeth chattering. Once I got to stand up on stage with the band I forgot about being cold. I was too busy watching Donnie Winters rip on his Gibson Les Paul that he has named "Smoky". When I got off the stage Scott Greene informed me that Donnie has played with everyone in Southern Rock, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker, and ZZ Top. I'm glad he told me that after I sang with them. If he had told me before I would have been too scared to get on the stage. You can read Michael's description of the night here. I went home happy. I guess I've never gotten over the desire to go on the road with a band.

I will be moving this blog from blogspot to wordpress sometime in the near future. Blogspot has been doing some strange stuff lately, and according to Blake I can add some more features to the blog if I move it to wordpress. Blake is helping me get it set up. I will let you know when we make the move.


The Brighter Side of Things said...

You did a great job in the jam Friday.

DMaC said...

(British Accent) That was appalling. You sang as if your teeth were chattering.
Easy Simon! I've been checking out wordpress also. A few friends write there and it seems to have more options.

Michael Buffalo Smith said...

Cliff... Thanks for the kind words my brutha. We loved sharing the stage with you and you are one fine singer... Hope we can do it again SOON....