Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Afternoon Quarterback

When I arrived at the office this morning, I discovered that we still have some internet issues. As a result, Blake and I left the office after lunch to find a working internet connection. We are currently siting in the "theology room" of The Silver Chair coffee shop on Poinsett Street with a strong Wi-Fi connection. If you haven't checked out The Silver Chair yet, you should stop by. It's owned and operated by Joffre, a very nice guy who moved to the area to help start a new church. Here's what's on my mind today:

- This month's message series about Uncensored Grace is helping me to be more aware of God's immense love for us on a daily basis. It's easy for me to think about how much God loves me, and the lengths He goes to show me that love when I am preparing a message or reading the bible, but in the everyday grind of life it can be easy to forget. Since we have been focusing this month on God's uncensored grace, it seems that I am able to recognize God's presence in my day to day life much more easily.

- I mentioned during yesterday's service that we are currently looking very seriously at a land opportunity for Freedom. Continue to pray for wisdom as we will be meeting in the morning to discuss some of the options.

- I spent the first part of last week at the beach hanging out with some other pastors of new churches. I always am encouraged and challenged when I get to talk, laugh, and learn from guys who have been doing this longer than I have. I especially learned a lot from Eddie Cox about how to deal with ADD. I don't know if I really have ADD, but I do know that I have hard time concentrating. Eddie shared with me some things he does to improve his ability to concentrate on what he should be doing, and I've already put some of those things into practice today.

- Last but not least, I discovered in Sunday's paper that Chikezie's last name (which he doesn't use on American Idol) is, Eze. I am assuming that Eze is pronounced the way it's spelled. If that is the case, his name is Chikezie Easy! I thought it was awesome that he didn't use his last name, now I'm not so sure.


The Brighter Side of Things said...

I grew up with Eddie and his brother Brian. Man what a small world. Then again we are less than 15 miles from the heart of where we ran around growing up so I guess it's not that small after all.

DMaC said...

I can relate to the ADD issues but more importantly I feel I should help you find a support group for the Chikezie madness you have been inflicted with. Do you have him as a 4 seed in your brackets? Upsetting Drake perhaps.

Anonymous said...

You should share the ideas for the ADD. We all have it sometime..