Thursday, March 27, 2008

No more Chikezie and other random stuff

If you are a regular comment leaver on this blog (thanks Dave, Chip & Blake!) you have noticed that I now have things set up where you leave a comment, and then I decide if it should be published. I had to make this change because I got two Spam comments that if you clicked on them it tried to load some type of software on your computer. Despite that, I love for you to comment on anything I write. I believe it makes things much more interesting.

Now on to what's on my mind this morning:

- It was a sad night in my home last night due to the American Idol results show. My main man Chikezie was sent home. I had a feeling that the end of the line for him was near, but I really thought that the blond country girl or even the dude with the dreads would go first. By the way, what was that move that Chikezie's Mom was doing while he sang last night? Too bad he's gone, now we won't get to see anymore of that.

- NCAA tournament games start back tonight. I'm hoping Western Kentucky and Davidson both make it to the Final Four. Plus, I'm waiting for Bobby Knight to have an in-studio meltdown over something Digger Phelps says. Maybe he could rip that highlighter out of Digger's hand and throw it at the camera. That would be great television.

- We'll be finishing up our series on "Uncensored Grace" this Sunday. You will want to be sure and bring your friends. The message for this week is based on Galatians 2:21. Check it out before you arrive on Sunday.

- Sherry is going to a women's event at the Bi-Lo Center on Friday night, so I am planning on renting a manly DVD. I am thinking of getting either, "No Country for Old Men" or "We Own the Night". If you've seen either one of these let me know what you'd pick.

- Here's something cute Grace said the other day, "Daddy, I know that dogs are color blind, but are they color deaf?" That one really made me laugh.


The Brighter Side of Things said...

Tell Gracie all colors sound very close so dogs are considered color deaf also.

Ben Schulte said that "No Country for Old Men" leaves you sitting and thinking "is that it?" I haven't seen it so if that is the one you get let me know what you think.

Crystal said...

Ben has seen both he said they are ok but We Own The Night is a tad better. If you rent them at redbox inside Bloom you could get both for $2.12 until 9 pm Saturday then you could see which one you like better.

Chip Reeves said...

I guess you didn't mention Blades of Glory because you already OWN that DVD.
Color deaf? Keep that term handy when you come to Jesus' explanation of why he taught in parables . . . "seeing they don't perceive; hearing they don't listen" (Mt 13:13).

blake said...

what is red box?

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that I was wondering what Chekezie's Moma was doing also. I think she was trying to tell him to "Bring It"!!!