Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday morning quarterback

Between yesterday's worship, our trip to Columbia, the NCAA tournament, and Unleash, there's a lot rolling around in my head. Hold on while I try to take you through it.

The Unleash conference at New Spring was amazing: I don't know of any other pastor in this state that has had to endure more criticism than Perry Noble. I have a message for all those out there who are throwing rocks at him and at what God is doing at New Spring, "chill out". I mentioned briefly in Friday's post that one of the main feelings I had after Unleash was encouragement. It was obvious that Perry loves to see churches fulfilling the high calling God has given us. It was also obvious that he has a passion for pastors, and wants to do all he can to equip and encourage them to keep running the race. The final session of the conference was the most uplifting message for pastors that I have ever heard. When I left the conference I was ready to be the pastor at Freedom forever! By the way, we are going back next year, and we want as many of you as possible to take a day off of work so you can be there too.

Taking the Lord's Supper yesterday was very special: I thought that our worship team did an awesome job of song selection and arranging the elements of the service yesterday. Everything pointed us to the importance of the cross, and when we took the bread and the cup the experience was overwhelming. That is where our freedom comes from! Jesus did it for us!

We had a great time in Columbia: We enjoyed bowling, the zoo, my twin nephew's soccer game (they each scored!), and just hanging out with Gran and Grandbob. Other than driving home in a torrential downpour it was a very relaxing trip.

The brackets are out: Between now and Thursday me and the girls will be filling out NCAA bracket sheets. I will let you know later who I think will be in the Final Four, and what I think are some rules for filling out the brackets. The last couple of years I have been way off on my predictions so I am hoping to make a comeback this time around.

One last thing, there will be another important meeting in the morning concerning possible land and buildings for our church. Pray that everyone involved will hear God's voice and have the wisdom to follow Him.


DMaC said...

Good "luck" on the land and such. I'm sure we agree on the bracket rules. Integrity my friend...

Chip Reeves said...

bracket advice: Gomer Pyle method might work. old up two fingers. Assign one team to each finger. Strike you leg with the two fingers. Which ever finger stings more, that team is going to win or lose.

blake said...

use a pen and make sure you select an upset or two. anyone who picks the top seed every time... is a loser.

that being said. UNC = national champs.