Friday, March 21, 2008

A little perspective makes a big difference

It's amazing how much clearer things appear to us when we look back. More often than not, the circumstances we find ourselves in at any moment can seem much better or much worse than they actually are. No matter who we are, we all benefit from a little perspective.

We call today Good Friday because from where we sit we can see the importance and the impact of Jesus' death on the cross. In fact "good" seems a little low key to describe what this day represents. Maybe we should refer to it as, "Amazing Friday" or "History Changing Friday" or even "The Friday That Gives My Entire Existence On Earth Significance". That last one doesn't roll of the tongue as smoothly as "Good Friday". Of course, to the disciples and the other followers of Jesus who were there when He gave His life away, I'm sure that Friday seemed very far from good. I read the scripture and it amazes me that the disciples couldn't see it coming. Jesus had told them repeatedly that He would be arrested, beaten, and killed. Why were they surprised? Then I remember that I have the benefit of perspective. It's easy for me to see because I know how the story ends. I know that the tragedy of Friday led to the victory of Sunday!

Wherever you are today remember that no matter how desperate your current situation may seem, God has not forgotten about you. He wants to bring a victory out of what seems to be certain defeat, and He will do it if you allow Him to. Then after it's all over you can look back and wonder why you couldn't see it then. It's all about perspective and knowing who brings the victory. Enjoy your weekend. I can't wait to worship together with you this Victory Sunday!

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