Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday morning quarterback

Yesterday was unbelievable! It was amazing to celebrate the resurrection with you. Here were some highlights for me:

- Once again our band did a great job of helping us worship through music. What better songs to sing to Jesus on Easter than "Glorious One" and "How Great is Our God", and I always get emotional when we do "Jesus Paid it All". When Rhett was belting out that last part about Jesus paying our debt and raising us from the dead I could have gone home to Heaven right then!

- Our new welcome team is fantastic! Amber Ploof has done a tremendous job of organizing, recruiting, and training this team so that they are prepared to make sure each guest who walks in the doors on a Sunday morning feels at home. That makes a huge difference in whether or not our guests will continue to come and hear the message that can change their lives.

- Seeing the video of people being baptised while Dan and the band sang "Happy Day" reminded me of why we need to continue push forward with the message of Christ. There are so many more who need their lives transformed!

- All of you did a tremendous job of inviting your friends. We had more people in worship yesterday than ever in the short history of Freedom. Our previous high was 389, yesterday there were 468 people who heard the story of the cross and resurrection! Keep inviting your friends, every Sunday is a celebration of what Jesus has done for us!

- Our crew that teaches our preschoolers worked especially hard yesterday. There were lots of babies and toddlers at Freedom yesterday, and our preschool team handled the extra pressure extremely well. I know that some of you got recruited from worship to help at the last minute, thanks for pitching in!

Overall, yesterday was one of those Sundays I'll remember for a long time. God is up to something big here at Freedom. Let's keep riding the wave and see where He takes us!

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