Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday morning quarterback

Since yesterday I have had several more encouraging conversations about the message series we just completed. It seems that the idea of raising the bar and really getting serious about changing the world has resonated with many of you! Since I focused on Sunday's message in yesterday's post, I didn't do my usual rundown of stuff that happened over the weekend and other disconnected thoughts in my mind. So, here goes:

- Grace's team won a game! - We were thrilled on Saturday when Grace's basketball team, which I help coach, won their first game of the season. The final score was 20-10, and it was cool to see several girls who had never played basketball before this season begin to understand the game. The funny thing is, 1st and 2nd grade basketball is no different than the NBA, you win if you rebound and play good defense.

- History was made in SC on Saturday - Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Green Party supporter, or an independent you had to be amazed at how the Democratic primary turned out on Saturday. No matter who the next President ends up being, the fact that the people of South Carolina overwhelmingly voted for a black man in a presidential primary is historic. I believe it speaks well of how far we have come in the last 50 years in the area of race relations, and just understanding that God has made us all.

- I had mild withdrawal symptoms on Sunday afternoon - Why? No football! After the Super Bowl, we enter into the worst time of the year for sports viewing. In February there is no football, no baseball, college basketball tournaments haven't started yet, and I haven't cared about the NBA regular season since MJ retired (the second time). Not to worry though, baseball will be back soon and I'll be able to take my Sunday afternoon nap to the sound of Skip Carey and Don Sutton calling the Braves game.

- Pray for my friend - My friend Jerry Chapman is the pastor of Capstone Church in Anderson, and he has asked us to pray for him and his family. Jerry has been a big encourager to me since Freedom began, and he has a heart for people who are hurting. Now he is the one who is hurting and needs to be ministered to. As you think about it, ask God to send the Chapman family what they need. You can check out Jerry's blog, and leave him an encouraging comment by looking here.

- Rambo review - Yes, I did see the new Rambo movie on Friday. Jake, Ben and I were probably some of the first people in Greenville county to check it out. It was everything you expect in a Rambo movie, but amplify it 100%. This version was more violent than the other three Rambo movies combined. I told Jake that I think Stallone went to see "300" and thought to himself, "there's no reason why the next Rambo film can't be that graphic". If you are squeamish, this film is not for you. As a great film I give it 1.5 out of 4 stars. As a man movie that you just leave thinking, "that was cool" I give it 3 out of 4 stars.


DMaC said...

I have to agree with this offering. A few thoughts; I think the media made us think the Democratic primary was a close race. Seems Bill's claim as the first "black" President doesn't stand up to the real thing. I can't say it was suprising.
Congrats to Grace and the gals. Now you must beware of nasty trash talk as they get cocky :)
I'll add another similarity to your comparison. The refs. I've been coachng high school church league for 8 years and it's only by the grace of God that I haven't been kicked out of church for assault on an incompatent official.
15 days until pitchers and catcher report.

Anonymous said...

I believe that there really isn't that much love for Obama- Just lots of people that really dislike Hillary.

Jerry Chapman said...

Thanks, Cliff. Your friendship, prayers and support are really appreciated.

blake said...

i disagree with anonymous. but i could be wrong... i guess. (not likely)

and who judges anything on 4 stars? i mean maybe starsearch but other than that? c'mon cliff - i need you to do some arithmetic and figure out how many out of five this movie really got.