Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday morning quarterback

Here are the random thoughts in my head this morning:

- The Fortress of Solitude is almost complete: Trey came over Thursday night to help me move our old couch and love seat upstairs into the now finished bonus room. The couch is a sleeper, and when we picked it up I had serious doubts about our ability to get it up the stairs. It was a tight fit, and I had a sore shoulder all day Friday, but in the end we got it in place. I told Trey when we finished that when we decide to move it back out I will just cut it in pieces with my chainsaw.

- Emily comes home today! Emily has been in North Carolina since Friday at our youth ministry's Winter Retreat. We have all missed her, but I believe Grace has had the hardest time. She cried on Friday and then she must have said, "I miss Emily" 500 times on Saturday and Sunday, not to mention the fact that she slept with a picture of Emily by her bed.

- Preaching in chains was more difficult than I expected: If you missed yesterday's service I came out wrapped in chains to help drive home the point about how carrying around sin is like being chained. I got the biggest chain wrapped a little too tightly around my chest so it made breathing harder than it should have been. Also, the chains made me cold, but the chains served their purpose. I have had several people comment about how the visual helped them understand the message.

- Yesterday afternoon was very relaxing: Sherry cooked a big lunch after church, and Mark Wilson came over to eat and watch the NFL game since his girls are gone on the Winter Retreat. After lunch we chilled out watching the Patriots win and laughing at Buddy (our dog) and Gabby (his dog) playing together.

- I'm not gonna put anymore music on my iPod for awhile: I know that is shocking statement. I almost can't believe I typed it, but I have added a lot of music lately and I need to "catch up" on my listening for a bit. Some of the stuff I've added recently: Willie Nelson (greatest hits), Eric Clapton (doing some old blues covers), three older R.E.M. albums, Robert Earl Keen (live), Dave Matthews Band (live), Led Zeppelin, and Paul Thorn.

That's just part of what's on my mind. I didn't talk about the Republican primary, another snow storm, and the new Rambo movie. I'll save those topics for another day.


Kent said...

what dave albums you got on there now? i still need to get you some of mine...

dude-the mac got here today. I'm gonna be strugglin' not to just skip all my classes for the next week. You gotta see it. Later.

Cliff Marshall said...

I just put the Concert at Central Park on and I already had a 2-disc best of entitiled "The Best of What's Around". In spite of what I just wrote about not adding any new music for awhile, I will gladly put any of the live CD's you have on.

Learn all you can about the mac before you come back home, so you can show me why it's so awesome. Keep studying hard!

DMaC said...

Congrats on the fortress of solitude. Will there be a Grand Opening? Shall I bring dip?
I too had such visions.......