Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday morning quarterback

Here's what's going on in my head this morning:

- I had a great time at worship yesterday. The band did an awesome job of leading us, and it just felt like so many people came ready to worship. It was also great having Rhett and Tampey both back singing again!

- I haven't had any complaints yet about having everyone move to different seats. Maybe we'll do that every week. I bet I'd get some complaints then.

- Delivering yesterday's message was an extreme adrenaline rush. More so than usual, so yesterday afternoon I experienced a bigger crash than usual. I sat down to watch the NFL playoffs, and I basically passed out. I came to a couple of hours later and I felt great.

- Saturday both of my girls had basketball games. Emily's game was an exciting overtime game that ended in an 8-8 tie. Alexandra Wilson made a shot as time expired to tie the game. I still keep telling Emily that my goal for their team is to score in double digits.

- The championship BCS game is tonight and I can't get excited about it. I still miss the days when all the important bowl games were played on New Year's Day.

- I watched the new American Gladiators last night. It was pretty good. Of course it was very over hyped, but overall I enjoyed it. It was the perfect thing to watch on Sunday night because it required zero brain power to understand. The new gladiators (which all have names like Justice, Wolf, and even Helga) obviously haven't been tested for steroids. Maybe George Mitchell should begin an inquiry.

If you are part of Freedom, pray about what God would have you do in regards to the things we talked about yesterday. God has brought us a long way, and I don't believe He is done. I can't wait to see what happens next!


blake said...

i am contemplating not watching the bcs game this year. it just isn't interesting to me at all. i hate the sec with all of who i am and pull against the ohio state university 90% of the time.

DMaC said...

I need to warn you. If Dr. Lackey were grading your post you'd be in big trouble. I answered questions in bullet form on my first test for him and he lit me up like a Tyrone Nix defense. (or Dave Odom)