Thursday, January 31, 2008

Super Bowl parties

In case you've missed it there's going to be a big football game this weekend. I read the other day that the Super Bowl ranks only behind Christmas and Thanksgiving as far as the most popular time to get together with friends. We've got several locations where folks from Freedom will be hanging out together to watch the game, eat some unhealthy food, laugh at the commercials, and just generally have a good time. We would love for you to join in the party.

Here are list of hosts and their addresses for you to choose from:

Mike and Rita Breece
9 Clearwater Court
Taylors, 29687

Jim and Lisa Varn
20 Andy Court
Taylors, 29687

Scott and Vicki Greene
4955 Sandy Flat Road
Taylors, 29687

Tracy and Paige Burkhalter
504 Austin Woods Court
Greer, 29651

Keith and Julie McCombs
1 Cunningham Point Circle
Greer, 29651

Lance and Andrea Owens
110 Palmetto Drive
Greer, 29651

Chip and Jane Patat
102 Rubiwood Circle
Greer, 29651

Cliff and Sherry Marshall
103 Thistledown Way
Taylors, 29687

As far as the game itself is concerned, I beleive the Patriots will win, and I'm afraid they will win easily. That's not what I hope happens. I hope it's a close game that the Giants win, and that Bill Bellicheck cries on the sidelines afterwards. I'm just kidding about that last part, kind of.

No matter what happens in the game, Tom Petty will be performing at halftime so we are guaranteed some good entertainment. I don't think we will have to worry about any "wardrobe malfunctions" during his performance!


blake said...

blake and laura beth comer
106 green st
greer 29650

high school super bowl party. be there - or be somewhere else (that sucks in comparison because our party is gonna be way better - i mean hey do they have hd? c'mon - go pats. giants are gonna get killed.)

Michael Buffalo Smith said...

Cliff...I posted on GRITZ that I predicted the Patriots to win. Good thing I don't bet, huh? But wasn't that a good game? And Tom Petty and the band rocked. I know you are disappointed. Maybe they'll have Def Lepard next year! Hope you guys are well... Been battling the ol' health... Please keep me in your prayers. Hope to get out to Freedom and visit asap... Take care...

Cliff Marshall said...

Buffalo...I sure have missed your presence at Freedom! I will be praying that your health improves. Petty was awesome Sunday night, and the game was pretty sweet too. Keep fighting the good fight!

Robin Cathcart said...

You almost got all of your wishes last night. Bellicheck looked pretty close to tears in the post-game interview. If anything, he was pretty annoyed by the whole interview. We were pulling for the Giants, but for some reason the boys wanted the Patriots to win. Take care!