Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pulled teeth, great pizza, and the awesomeness of Rambo

I am very pumped up about Sunday's service! I wrote on my last post that the message would be challenging, and after finishing it up yesterday I can tell you that it certainly is. If you are satisfied with being a spectator at Freedom then you might not want to come on Sunday. God has led me to express some very blunt words about what His expectations are of His followers. I believe the challenge will do all of us good.

Here are a few other things that are on my mind:

- Blake wrote a great post today about what he wants to see God do with our teenagers in 08. You can check it out here. I am thankful God sent Blake and Laura Beth our way to lead our ministry to students. I am thankful not just as the pastor, but as a Dad of one those students.

- I ate some of the best pizza I have ever had on Tuesday night. It's a fairly new place called Della Ventura's (I hope I spelled that right). It's on the corner of Hwy. 290 and St. Mark Road. It's the place that used to be Papa Don's Pizza and for a while it was Za Za's Pizza. I don't know the reasons why those places went out of business, but I would be shocked if Della Ventura's closed down. The man who owns it is from New York, and all of his family helps him run the business. When you walk in you'll think you've left Greer and walked into a pizza place in Brooklyn. The heavy accents of the workers add to the experience. Try the 7 item special, you'll love it.

- Grace pulled another tooth yesterday. She now has two spaces on the bottom middle and one space on the top middle. When I left the house this morning she was pulling on her other top front tooth trying to get it loose. Her favorite thing to do now is drink through a straw that's stuck in the hole where her teeth used to be.

- I really want to go see the new Rambo movie in the theater. I don't get to see many of those kinds of movies before they come out on DVD. It's not fair for me to ask Sherry to sit through it. I will probably get some guys together to go. If you don't understand why Rambo is awesome, I probably can't explain it to you. A lot of it has to do with me being raised during the Cold War, and as a teenager there was nothing more awesome than the thought of a guy who could rescue POW's from Vietnam, and take on the Russians at one time. I know it's not a well thought out story, it's overly macho, and some would consider it barbaric, but I still think it's the epitome of awesomeness. Maybe I'm just shallow.


DMaC said...

How I must object to the content of this post. Until now I've mostly agreed with the position taken here but I can't sit idly by this time. What's next?! Letting the little one get a tattoo with the fire poker? Self orthodontics? The horrors!
As well, I can't bring myself to accept the new Rambo movie. Come on, he's 83 years old, an admitted steroid user and let's face it, not very bright. His catch phrase, "They drew first blood" takes on new meaning at the convalescence home during a nurse shift change. I'm sorry, he will not get my $9.50.
And while I wish Della Venturas all the best I don't need no more Brooklyn ( or Manhatten or Boston) in my daily routine. It's probably a Charleston diversity thing but this is the reason our home prices are averaging 350K. I've forgotten what it's like to receive a southern twang after my order of baklava and sweet tea. Ok, so I've taken my angst out on the fine pizza providers and you fine author. But it was either this or get kicked out of the Mellow Mushroom for unruly behavior.

Amber said...

Okay, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Personally, I like hearing about Gracie and the new pizza place. Thanks for the heads up Cliff. I think Dan and I will go check that place out. I'm looking forward to your sermon this Sunday.

DMaC said...

I should clarify for Amber. This was mostly sarcasm. And by the way, there is NO wrong side of the bed.

Cliff Marshall said...

Dave (dmac) is an old college buddy who has permisson to bust my chops and challenge anything I write, but thanks for coming to my defense anyway!

sherry said...

Amber, I'm glad to know that someone besides me is watching out for Cliff's back. You are a sweetie.
Dave, the Fortress of Solitude is always open to you. We'd love to see you and your wife!

blake said...

in a fight - no weapons allowed - who wins?

rocky balboa vs. rambo

Cliff Marshall said...

If the fight was a sanctioned bout in a ring with a ref, then Rocky wins. If were talking about a street fight with no rules, then it's Rambo. Have fun tonight at the concert.

blake said...

wrong - chuck norris wins by way of a roundhouse kick to the face.