Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Be safe out there.

I rolled into the office a little over an hour ago, and the drive in this morning was precarious. It is extremely foggy outside which is dangerous, but the conditions were made even more dangerous by the number of cars driving around without any lights on! Leaving our neighborhood, I almost pulled out in front of a car because I couldn't see it through the thick fog. I haven't read the driver's handbook since the night before I took my permit test when I was 15, but I'm pretty sure the law requires some type of lights to be burning on your vehicle in foggy conditions. Even if it isn't against the law it just makes sense. If you're planning on driving this morning be sure to burn those lights! (and stay off the phone to be extra careful)

On a different note, this morning I should finish up the message for Sunday. It is going to be very challenging. If you regularly attend Freedom, and you are a follower of Christ it will be aimed directly at you, or I should say "us" because that's where I am. Before you arrive this Sunday, begin praying about what your place is at Freedom and in the Kingdom of God. God wants all of us to be involved in some type of service. We will talk about what that means on Sunday.

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blake said...

looking forward to sunday - and i like the picture you added. you are so high tech.