Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat update

Two posts in one day! I just remembered that I promised to give a pumpkin carving update. We went with a fairly traditional triangle for the eyes and nose face on our pumpkin. I did try and make the mouth extra big this year. We took some pictures and I think I know how to actually post pictures on this blog. If I figure it out I will put a picture on here soon.

On a side note, I was a little disappointed with the turn-out in our neighborhood last night. I guess since it was Wednesday night lots of people were at church events. Many of the houses we normally go to had their lights off. My friend Jonathan Everette wrote a great post about the low turn-out in his neighborhood that you can read here.


Lisa Wilson said...

We only had 7 trick or treaters in our neighborhood. What's up with that? Now I have to eat all of the left over candy !!!!!!!

Lisa Wilson said...

Cliff - Just read your friends blog about Halloween - Neat Stuff

Anonymous said...

Lisa - All I can say is that I hope your left over candy was all Hershey's kisses - Sherry