Friday, November 9, 2007

Marriage book you ought to check out

On Sunday I will continue the series of messages I began last week about re-designing certain rooms of our house. This week I will talk about re-designing the bedroom. The focus will be on your relationship with your spouse. Just recently, I have discovered the best book on marriage that I have ever read. I will be using some material from it in this week's message, it is called Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. It's a marriage book that even men will like!

If you want to purchase your own copy of this book you can do so here.

See you on Sunday!


Sonya said...

I loved your message today, Cliff. I also wanted to mention that Amazon has this book in audio format on CD as well as an accompanying workbook.

Dan said...

Cliff...I'm glad you preached on this book because it is my favorite book on the market. This is THE foundational book that every couple (married, engaged or dating) needs to read. Also check out Dr. Eggerich's website.... His website has lots of good stuff with IPOD downloads, video clips from his conferences, etc. I recommend Love & Respect to everyone I talk to and have given the book away as gifts...a great pay-it-forward kind of book!

Rhonda Bostic said...

I believe that it was meant for me to hear your sermon Sunday on the book "love and respect". I had bought the book months ago and read a few pages and that was as far as I got. After hearing the sermon on Sunday, I started listening to the CD's on Monday and finished them on Wednesday. Every time that I was in my car I had it playing. It really makes alot of since. Thanks for bringing me back to that book. Oh, the song you sang on Sunday was great too!! See you on Sunday!

Rhonda Bostic