Monday, November 12, 2007

That's how you do it!

A few months ago one of my friends at Freedom approached me after the service and said, "I felt like shouting today. Do you mind if I do that?" My response was, "If God leads you to shout, then next time you better shout!" Since then my friend has shouted and I love it. It always fires me up when people get overwhelmed by God in a worship service, and they let loose with praise. I'm not talking about putting on a show to try and impress people, but really just being moved by God's Spirit to shout, dance, jump up and down, whatever. Yesterday the band did their bluesy version of Trading my Sorrows, complete with harmonica, and when they finished one of the kids behind me busted out with a loud, "that's how you do it!" That was without a doubt my favorite moment in worship yesterday! Just being free to have fun while worshiping together is something we should experience every week.

I had a great time Saturday doing a wedding for a couple who grew up in the youth ministry that I was in charge of at Fairview Baptist for ten years. That made me feel kind of old. Maybe the real reason I felt old was this sinus infection I am fighting. I should buy stock in Kleenex this time of year.

Thanksgiving is a week from this Thursday. I can't wait. That is my favorite holiday. Don't overlook it and go straight into Christmas.


blake said...

i think i saw someone dancing at church yesterday... it was great.

Thanksgiving is great - it is the real kick off to Christmas music all the time on 98.9!

Kelly said...

Freedom has changed the way that I view worship. It is so awesome to let the Holy Sprit take control and to worship God so freely. What we are experiencing at Freedom, however, is just a glimpse of what we will get to be a part of when we get to Heaven! I can't wait!