Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thoughts on last week

The events of last week were by far some of the most difficult I have ever dealt with. Please continue to pray for Kenny's family. Here are some reflections and thoughts about last week.

- Prayer really works: I'm sure you're thinking, "duh", but I was reminded on Thursday of the truth that prayer really does make a difference. Preparing the funeral message on Wednesday for Kenny's service was extremely emotional. I was very concerned that I would not be able to deliver the message on Thursday without losing it. Throughout the day on Wednesday and on Thursday morning I received lots of e-mails and calls from many of you telling me that you had been praying, and that you would especially pray during the funeral. When I woke up on Thursday I felt strong. I told Sherry that I knew people were praying because what I had felt I couldn't do on Wednesday I now knew could happen.

- Bill Hybels was right: In his book Courageous Leadership, Bill Hybles talks about how when you lead a church with the right people you should be so close to them that you would love to retire together. After the funeral on Thursday, I thought back on all the people of Freedom that were there grieving together, and I couldn't think of another group I'd rather spend the rest of my life doing ministry with.

- It's a shame you've got to live so long to be so wise: That's actually a quote from Donny about Rev. Crocker. I was honored to perform Kenny's funeral service with "preacher Crocker" (that's what everyone calls him) at my side. The words he shared brought me so much comfort, and I know his words and presence brought comfort to Kenny's family. The time I spent with him before and after the service confirmed what I've known for years, everyone loves him because he has spent years showing love to others.

I promise to write more often this week. By the way, Blake keeps complaining about a linc to his blog not being on here, so I have added his blog to the blogroll, for now.


blake said...

for now, huh?

just know - that as soon as i get the ax... so do you!

thanks for all your help today.

Jerry Chapman said...

Cliff --- glad to hear the Lord gave you the strength you needed. He's good at that when we are at our very weakest --- He is strongest. It's a cliche, yes. But incredibly true.

TR said...

It is all too easy to get wrapped up in our own problems and ignore the fact that there are those right in our midst that are hurting and just need to be loved and cared for.

There is no way for me to know the pain that Kenny was feeling. For the short time that I got to know him, I saw a person willing to give more than he would ever ask of someone.