Thursday, November 1, 2007

Building character: part 2

If building character is done best in community what are some things we need to consider to make that happen?

- It will not happen by accident. This is especially true for men. If you put two women who don't each other in a room, within 30 minutes they will know about each other's personal life. If you put two men who don't know each other in a room they will talk for 3 hours about work, sports, and politics and not have learned anything about the other guy's personal life. That's just the way we men are, so if you want to build character together with some of your friends you will need to decide to talk regularly about personal issues.

- You'll have to be real. The whole idea of meeting together with your friends to discuss real life issues will be a waste of time if you decide not to reveal the real you. Building character won't happen if you don't admit what areas you need to improve in.

- There has to be trust within the group. From the beginning you will need to be sure that everyone in your group understands that what is talked about is private. If that is the environment that you create then getting real about your character issues is more likely to happen.

- Character isn't built quickly. The guys who wrote Deadly Viper put it this way, "Character isn't a destination, but a journey towards becoming a more whole, complete, and healthy leader."

In part 3 I'll give you some questions the guys who wrote Deadly Viper ask each other on a regular basis.

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