Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback

If I continue to do these Monday morning updates after football season is over, do I have to change the title to something other than Monday morning quarterback?

We had a great morning of worship at GHS yesterday. I thought the skit was very funny and it was obvious that Lance and Ivey were prepared. Andrea wrote the skit and she did a great job of setting up the message about effective parenting. The band did awesome yesterday especially on the new song "Hosanna". The way they lead us to worship week after week is incredible.

I had a great conversation with a couple who had visited with us for the first time after the service. They talked about how friendly everyone had been to them and how welcome they felt. So many of you do a great job each week of spotting new folks and helping them feel welcome.

My parents came to town for worship and we got to spend time with them yesterday afternoon. We ate at Rock's, and my Dad got my usual order and loved it. Next time you want something good for lunch you should try it: grilled bologna and cheese sandwich and an order of onion rings. Don't eat it everyday or even once a week, or your doctor will love you.

If you were at worship yesterday I'm certain you noticed that I got a haircut last Friday. I certainly got my money's worth on this one. The lady that butchered me must get paid by the amount of hair she sweeps up after each client. When she got done with me there was more on the floor than on my head. It's just hair. It'll grow back.

One more useless piece of information about me: The Patriots / Colts game yesterday was fun to watch. I can watch NFL games for the fun of it, therefor they are more enjoyable. I watch every second of every Gamecock game that's on, and I take it way too seriously. In fact, I am considering recording the games and only watching them after the fact if Carolina wins. That way I won't put my body through all of the emotional ups and downs I experience during a normal game. I really should just lighten up. I'm trying.


mrsoulmark said...

Hang in there in Cliff, the season's almost over... Florida's overrated. Right?
I enjoyed the skit yesterday. As a matter of fact, I was thinking to myself that some spiritual drama would be cool at FF and then what do you know? I think they did an excellent job and look forward to more. Thanks!

blake said...

honestly - i never thought you hair looked that bad. honestly.

blake said...

the last statement was honest - but i didn't mean to put "honestly" at the beginning and end of the comment.

and i don't even think it was a clear statement. what i mean to say is this - i think your hair looks good.

amanda said...

I hate that I missed the skit of Lance and Ivey-
Cliff you are allowed to use Monday morning quarterback all year, because after the bowl games, we start thinking and talking about "next year".
You have to watch the games- making your blood pressure go throught the roof is half the fun!!! Maybe you just need a new team (Ha/ha) Miss you guys this week but California is not too bad- you would love the old Towne history complex. See ya Sunday.