Tuesday, July 14, 2009

VBS facts from day one

Wow. Last night we kicked off Vacation Bible School at the new property, and it was a great night. Here's some observations and some facts from last night:

129 - the number of kids who were there

119 - the number of youth and adult volunteers who were there

10:30 a.m. - the time the first crew of volunteers arrived to begin set-up

Smiles and hugs - what I saw our workers giving freely to the kids

The Bible - was being taught in every small group at some point in the evening

Cool dancing - what Trey Frick did as he led the opening and closing celebrations, especially on the walking on water song.

300 grams - the amount of sugar that must have been in the extra delicious double doozie cookies that Mary Kauffman made for snack time. (yes, I participated in snack time!)

48 - number of miles Shelley Kauffman walked last night as she checked on how everything was going.

Thankful and excited - two feelings I had last night when I saw all that God was doing.

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