Thursday, July 9, 2009

Loose ends, important and irrelevant

Here are a few loose ends that need to be tied up. I'll begin with the important ones first:

- The office phone number never changed. A couple of weeks ago I announced in front of everyone at worship that when we moved into the new office our phone number would change. I announced this based on what the folks at Charter Media told us. Well, when they installed the new line we discovered that our number was exactly the same as it had been: 877-3604. We are glad the number is the same, even if the Charter people made a liar out of me.

- Opening on the trip to Botswana, Africa. Due to circumstances beyond any one's control one of the folks on our Africa Mission team has had to drop out of the trip. This means there is a chance for a lady, with a passport to go. The passport has to be current. If you are even remotely interested in going please contact Mark Johnson immediately:

Now for the irrelevant ones:

- I just used the term heebie jeebies in describing how camel back crickets make me feel. As I said it I wondered, "What is the difference between the heebie jeebies and the willies?"

- If all goes as planned we should have a DVR installed in the house next week at this time. That way I don't have to watch the Carolina Clemson football game live this year. I can just wait until it's over and if Clemson wins, as they have most of my life, I won't have to watch it. It will be much better for my blood pressure.

- I'll be glad when this whole Michael Jackson thing blows over. How many hours can CNN milk out of this? A lot more than I want to watch apparently.


Trey Frick said...

The phone number thing is called number portability. You should be able to port or move your number with you around a local area with out much trouble. Some phone companies are just lazy and just don't feel like taking the time to get the job done. It is easier to disconnect a # and issue a new number than to go about the work of doing a port/move. Glad they came to their senses even though you had to go through the 'fun times' with them.

With the DVR can you order it with video editing on there? That would be really cool b/c you could make the Gamecocks always win if you had that ability.

Robin Cathcart said...

You'll have to let us know about the DVR. We've been talking about it but haven't ever gotten any info. Hopefully, you'll get to watch the Gamecocks because remember - there's always next year! But I agree - not watching live will probably be better for your health!