Friday, July 3, 2009

A busy week comes to an end

I have decided that all weeks in my life are busy, except when we I'm at the beach, but this week has been even busier. It's been good, but I haven't had any problems getting to sleep at night. Here are some random thoughts and updates:

- Pray for Sherry's family today.
Sherry's grandmother, Allie Mathis passed away on Wednesday afternoon and the funeral is today. Grandma Allie had been in poor health for awhile and she was a follower of Jesus so there is no sadness over where she is now, but the service today will still be difficult. Also, pray for me and Jimmy Hawkins as we lead the service.

- My girls come home today!
Emily has been at Go Camp this week and Grace has been getting spoiled by my parents all week. This has probably been the best week for them to be gone since things have been so busy, but I will be glad when they are both sleeping at home tonight.

- I'm praying for the people in Gaffney.
I can't imagine what the folks who live in that community must be feeling this morning. I pray that the police officers there will be able to find the man responsible for the killings and bring him in before anyone else is hurt.

- Power Plant was great.
Thanks to everyone who prayed for me this week as I taught. I was very encouraged by what I saw in the lives of the teenagers and their leaders. Getting to teach them every morning this week was a real privelege. I'll write more about this next week.

- Sunday will be a great day.
It seems that every week I get more excited about what God does in worship on Sunday mornings at Greer High School. This week we begin a new series of messages called "The Basics". This week's basic is "The Call". You can go ahead and read the following scriptures if you want to be extra prepared for where we are going this month: Matthew 4:19, 8:21-22, 9:9, 19:21, and John 10:27.

- The Braves swept the Phillies.
Is it time to believe that the Braves can make a run for the division title in the second half of the season? We'll have to wait and see if they keep hitting like they have the last few games.

See you Sunday!

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Sandy Hunter said...

One of the guys I work with is a part time Gaffney police officer and said "thanks for the prayers" He and other officers have been working non stop to find the killer. They need all the prayers they can get.