Wednesday, July 15, 2009

VBS facts day two

We had another great night at VBS yesterday. Here are some facts:

140 - the number of kids present last night

118 - the number of volunteers present last night

1 - new song during the opening and closing celebration

232 mph - the speed Amber Pitts' fingers were moving last night as she and Tamara Whitener entered the attendance into the computer

1,000 - number of slices it took for Mary Kauffman and the rest of her crew to get all the fruit cut up for tonight's snack

5 - number of months that Amber Pitts has been planning and organizing everything that is happening this week.

immeasurable - the impact that is being had on the lives of all the children participating each night.


Sandy Hunter said...

It's been alot of fun for us BIG KIDS too!

Amber said...

VBS has been a blast, thanks for the updates and thanks to all those who organized everything! I had no idea we had so many kids last night. See you tonight!

Jeanne said...

I have a fact to add!

200....the number of pictures taken with just 1 of the 3 cameras I've see at VBS! Freedom has some cute kids, I'll tell you that much! I'm putting some on FaceBook now and they'll all be on the big screen Sunday morning!!

What an awesome week it has been!