Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday wrap-up, Sunday preview

As I wrap up the week and look forward to worship at Greer High School on Sunday, here's what's on my mind:

- I love summer, but I'll be glad when my girls are home more often. Emily is away until tomorrow at a World Changers project in Chattanooga. She also has already been to camp and to Gran and Grandbob's house this summer. Grace has been to camp and Gran's as well. Things are out of whack around the house when one or both of them aren't there. Even the dog notices the difference.

- John Mellencamp exceeded expectations. He played three songs from his new album, which were great and well-received by the crowd, along with classics like, "Pink Houses", "Rain on the Scarecrow", "Paper in Fire", and "Check it Out". The highlight of the night for me was a tooth rattling version of "Crumblin'Down" followed by a surprise playing of "Hurts So Good" to end the show. As a side note, Heritage Park was a great place to see an outdoor show. The lawn, parking, access, and just general atmosphere were all top notch.

- Grace has been attending Coach Neely's basketball camp at Greer First Baptist every morning this week. I'm proud of her because none of her friends were able to attend this week, so she went in Monday morning without knowing anyone other than Coach Neely and some of his helpers. She has made new friends everyday and told us last night that she has loved the week.

- We begin a new series of messages this Sunday. We are calling the series Reboot. Be sure you are there this week. If you are on the pre-service reading program that Dr. Waterfield recommends, here is your assignment for the weekend: Job 1-2

Teaser: Hold Sunday afternoon August 23 open on your calendars. I'll tell why on Sunday morning.

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Karen said... glad you enjoyed John Mellencamp. I'm happy that he still puts on a great show!! He's one of my all time favorites!!!
Have a great weekend!