Friday, July 24, 2009

Come on in boys the water is fine

Normally on Friday I have a list of things that I want you to know about, but this week the list has only one item on it: Baptism. This Sunday at 5:00 we will celebrate the fact that Jesus has changed the lives of 14 people by baptizing them. I tell people all the time that this is the most important thing we do as a church. The reason why is found in this scripture. Jesus commanded us to do it, that makes it top priority. Baptism is not what forgives us of sin, only Jesus' sacrifice on the cross does that, but it is the way He commanded us to let people know we have been forgiven.

Here are some of the details you need to know to be ready this Sunday afternoon:

- Start time is 5:00.

- You need to bring a lawn chair, and an appetite. Because we believe this should be a party, we will have Bucky's BBQ for everyone to eat afterwards.

- Baptism will take place at Lake Lyman Lodge. If you want to google it for directions, the address is: 100 Lyman Lodge Rd., Lyman, SC

- We believe the proper way to respond to baptism is excitement and joy, therefor not only do we not mind if you clap and yell when someone is baptized, we encourage it. It makes no sense for us to celebrate more at a football game, which has no eternal consequences, than we do at a baptism.

The number of people being baptized is not set in stone. If you are interested in talking to someone about being baptized let me or Donny know on Sunday morning and we will get you all the information you need. Don't miss the celebration! I look forward to seeing you there.

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