Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday that feels like Monday update

Is it just me or has today felt like a Monday? That's o.k. though because yesterday felt like a Saturday. I'll trade a Tuesday feeling like a Monday for a Monday feeling like Saturday anytime, because Tuesday really has no special feeling to me anyway. That being said here's some reflection on this past weekend:

- The Lord's Supper service on Sunday was great. Remembering Jesus' ultimate sacrifice on the same weekend we remember the sacrifice of American soldiers was special. I pray that one day there will be no more wars for soldiers to die in, but until that day comes I am humbled that there are men and women who willingly die to provide our freedom. Taking the bread and cup this Sunday was the perfect reminder that political freedom means nothing without spiritual freedom, and that can only be found in the sacrificial death of Jesus.

- I loved getting to hear Mark Wilson play the guitar on Sunday. He added a solo at the end of "God of This City" that I had never heard before. I guess he just made it up sometime last week. He was heading to play golf in a tournament after the service Sunday, and I told him that if he played golf half as good as played the guitar that morning then the other guys might as well not even show up.

- Summer officially started yesterday. I know that the actual start of summer is about a month away, but Memorial Day always has meant the beginning of summer to me. We kicked off summer with a trip to the pool followed by a Sonic stop at Happy Hour. I didn't get in the pool by the way, summer has to get a good bit warmer before I do that.

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