Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pray for Sunday

Sporadic updates for my faithful handful of readers:

- We had a great weekend. Having Tony and Bettye at the house this weekend was a lot of fun, and the girls loved having another dog in the house to play with. Buddy was very well behaved around Kiki. Of course he spent plenty of time with his nose stuck in her rear end, but overall his conduct was acceptable. By the way, Buddy and Kiki are dogs. If you didn't know that then that last sentence would be really weird.

- I've been down in the hole studying for the last two days. Normally I will go out of town for a couple of days to plan the message calendar for the next several months, but this time I stayed in town. I spent Monday at the main Spartanburg library and yesterday at the main Greenville library. In case you were wondering, Spartanburg is nicer. For one thing they have free parking. I actually backed up at the Greenville library yesterday to avoid going into the pay lot. I found a nice free parking spot on the street in the back. Thankfully I still can parallel park.

- Pray for me Sunday. I will be speaking to the folks at Lake Robinson Community Church. I want to be sure and communicate clearly what God has been doing at Freedom and what kind of church we are trying to be. I will also be answering any questions they have about Freedom.

- I have a serious case of beach fever right now. I actually live with a chronic case, but it is normally under control. Our vacation to the beach is one month away, and I am really getting antsy. I've actually considered just driving down to Folly or the Isle of Palms for the day and coming right back, but I think I'll just wait it out.

- Our LIFE Group ends tonight. Well the study does, we will still get together next week to grill out and hang out. This group has been a blast getting to know. We've been talking about marriage, and there has been some great, honest discussion each and every week.


Karen said...

Everyone at LRCC will love you!! Just speak from your heart. You'll do great! We'll be praying for you!

Joe Beineke said...

Looking forward to hearing you speak Sunday, Cliff. Lot of folks are excited about the change.

DMaC said...

Dude, just do it! Come on down. I'll write you a note.