Monday, May 11, 2009

Transition update

Thanks to all of you who prayed about yesterday's service at Lake Robinson Community Church. We had a great time worshipping with the folks there. I took some time to share the history and vision of Freedom, and then I answered a lot of questions.

Here's what you need to know if you weren't there yesterday: The people at LRCC are very positive about the next steps in this transition. Of course they are also emotional. It will be very difficult for them when the church they have been working so hard in for seven years is absorbed into Freedom. Pray for them as we make the transition. Pray for their pastor Jimmy Hawkins and his family as well. Please continue to pray for wisdom for the leadership at Freedom.

Thanks to our entire team for handling everything at our service while I was away yesterday. It was great to be able to speak at LRCC without having to worry one bit about things being taken care of. We have the best group of volunteers that I have ever had the privilege to work with!

Also, thanks to my oldest daughter Emily, the Johnson's and the McCombs' for being at LRCC yesterday to lend their support and encouragement. For the first time in a long time I had a great deal of nervousness as I got ready to speak. Seeing some familiar faces helped ease those fears.

This entire process has been simply amazing. As a general rule churches just don't do what the folks at LRCC are doing. The faith it has required for them to give their land and building to a younger church is phenomenal, and I am overwhelmed at how God has orchestrated everything. I am pumped up about what God has in store for us next!


Sandy Hunter said...

God knows where we are suppose to be.....and Freedom will be just down the road soon.....AMEN

Mark H. Johnson said...

That was a memorable 2 hours at LRCC. Thanks for your leadership and vision Cliff. I am excited about what is in store and I met some great new friends yesterday who are looking forward to joining our church family as we continue what God has started. See ya!

Karen said...

You did a great job speaking, Cliff. You shared your heart and your vision clearly.

Our God is an awesome God. It is exciting to see what all He will do with Freedom on 290. Think of all the ways He has used you even without that exposure! These are exciting (and yes, emotional) days. Our God is great and He is with us every step!!!


Joe Beineke said...

It was an awesome time! The visit did a lot to make our folks (at LRCC) realize that there are no great divides between true believers--that there really is just one church.
A lot of enthusiasm is bubbling up at LRCC in anticipation.