Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No Clue

I like to think I'm a pretty well-rounded guy that has a cursory understanding of many different subjects, but I'm finding more and more there are things out there that I have almost no knowledge of. Some are things that don't matter if I know about them, and some are probably pretty important. Here's a short list of things I know almost nothing about:

- 3G and 4G networks

- Lady Gaga

- Bandwidth

- Frequent flyer miles

- T9 Word

- Twilight

- Gray's Anatomy

- Soccer

- Mortgage based securities

I'd love to know what things are on your list.


Jane Hawkins said...



*downloading/uploading on the computer

*calculus or any math that uses the alphabet instead of numbers

DMaC said...

I was asking someone about 3G networks the other day. The consolation is that it will be obsolete in about 2 months.
- All popular music since 2000.
- Taxes beyond the simple short form.
- Harry Potter
- American Idol
- Transmissions
- 2x + 1/2(y)*pi ... etc.
- Twitter(the need for)
- sarcasm