Friday, May 15, 2009

5 days in a row!

A few weeks ago I wrote on this blog that I would no longer apologize for not posting new entries, and I haven't. I didn't say that I wouldn't brag if I posted regularly, and in case you haven't noticed today's post makes five in a row! Of course on Wednesday I really just linked to Dustin Willis' blog, but let's not get technical.

No Hit Wonders had our final practice last night and Nicole couldn't be there. That means I had to sing the girl songs for the guys to practice their parts. It was not pretty. If she can't make it tonight our set will be a lot shorter, because you don't want to hear my version of "Time After Time" I can promise you.

I'm looking forward to finishing our message series on Sunday. This week we'll be talking about "Getting Home On Time". Here's what you can read before you come on Sunday to be ready: Daniel 1:1-15. Plan to be there, and plan to bring someone with you.

Hope I see you tonight at Greer High practice field and at GHS on Sunday!


Amber said...

Hey Cliff,
This has nothing to do with your blog, eventhough, I do enjoy reading it. I'm in Indiana right now with my mentor and close friend, Merrill. She is in the ICU fighting for her life. Please pray for her, and ask others to do the same. Thank you so much! It's seems this is going to be a long journey. I hope you have a great time at Relay tonight.

Amber Ploof

DMaC said...

It's sort of funny that when I read your last post about not sounding like 1985 the first song I thought of was Time after Time. I was going to make a comment on my faith in your Cindy Lauper abilities but instead I insist you do a Rick Anstley solo.