Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday morning update on Tuesday

Yesterday was one of those days where I showed up at the office thinking that it would be a slow day and then it wasn't. As a result of that, here is what I would have written yesterday:

- Worship yesterday was amazing! Our planning team did a great job once again organizing the songs, and drama to perfectly lead into the message. They work hard to make that happen and it shows. We have some exciting changes coming soon in the worship area. This a huge answer to prayer. You'll hear about it here very soon.

- Relay for Life was a blast once again. Every year I have a great time hanging out at Relay with the folks from Freedom and hundreds of other folks from around town. This year's event raised over $200,000 for the American Cancer Society! "No Hit Wonders" did a set of ten 80's hits, and we had a ball doing it. I don't if anyone else enjoyed it, but we really enjoyed playing. Also, Donny, Joel, Nancy and I got called down during the candle service. I must have missed it when they said we were supposed to stay quiet after the prayer was over. (I was probably talking when they said it) Unfortunately, during my school days I frequently was called down for talking when I should have been listening, but Friday night was the first time that had happened in awhile. I'll be sure and behave better next year.

- Grace and I hung out at Gatti Town on Saturday. I took her to a birthday party, and we racked up the points on the basketball shooting game. We tag teamed it and set the high score. The coolest part of the trip was that when Grace turned in her points she used 250 of the 390 she earned to get a pair of sunglasses for her big sister. Now that will make a Dad proud, and believe me I was.

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