Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet Chris Roberts

Last week I broke the news right here that we would be adding Chris Roberts to the staff at Freedom. Chris and his family will be joining us on Sunday, and you will have a chance to meet him face to face. Here are a few facts about him that you might find interesting:

- He served in the French foreign legion from 95-98
- He is extremely allergic to orchids.
- He was born in the backseat of a greyhound bus rolling down Hwy 41.
- He has never sneezed.
- He once drove to Topeka Kansas to buy a used Kool and the Gang CD.
- He is fluent in six languages including Vulcan and Mermish.

Actually, that's all just stuff I made up, but if we find a guy who fits that description we will put him on staff just for being strange and awesome. Here's some real info on Chris that he wanted you to know about him:

- Awesome wife and boys
- Have led worship for over 15 years (most recently, at Brookwood)
- Graduated from CSU in 1994 (Marketing/Management degree)
- Knew a guy named Cliff Marshall in college (small world, huh?)
- Never won a Grammy or a Dove (but have friends who have and I've held theirs)

Some things that Chris didn't tell you: He is passionate about God changing people's lives through the church, he doesn't take himself too seriously, he loves to laugh, and he has been blessed by God with a ton of talent.

We are thrilled to welcome Chris onto the team at Freedom. Take some time to talk with him and April this Sunday, and do what you always do to make folks feel welcome. Invite them into your homes, take them out to eat, just generally help them get plugged into their new church home.

Also, you can read Chris' blog here. Be sure to check in tomorrow. I'll give you some info about the folks at LRCC who will be joining us this Sunday!

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