Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and Sunday preview

Today is Halloween in case you need to be reminded, and I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite childhood memories of the spooky holiday.

- The Halloween Carnival at my elementary school. Every year at Seven Oaks Elementary there would be a Halloween Carnival that I loved to go to. The thing I most remember was the haunted house. I was too scared to go in until probably the fifth grade, but once I did I loved it. I was scared, but I loved it.

- The year my friend had a costume no one could figure out. One year my friend Darrin who lived across the street wanted to be the alien monster from the movie "Alien". There were no costumes or masks you could buy, so he made his own mask using a balloon, toilet paper rolls, and plaster of paris(is that how that is spelled?). Every house we would go to people would try to guess what he was. I think the most common guess was "mole". Darrin didn't like that too much.

- The first year my parents let me trick or treat without their supervision. I was probably in the 6th grade or so and I'm sure it took a lot of begging on my part, but there was a Halloween where me and a group of friends roamed through the neighborhood alone. I remember feeling like I was so mature. I also remember walking home from my friend Jeff's house all alone at the end of the evening, and wishing I had a parent close by. It was dark and I had visions of Jason or Micahel Meyers coming to get me. Being independent and mature wasn't quite as cool as I had thought.

I'd love to hear you memories. Leave a comment so we can laugh together about them.

Sunday we are beginning a new series of messages on parenting called "What Every Parent Needs to Know". You can go to the church website to see the schedule for the month. This week we focus on Psalm 127:3.

Invite some friends to join you this week. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


Amanda said...

When I was 7 or 8 my mom made me an AWESOME Wonder Women costume because wonder women was my hero. We lived outside of Buffalo, NY back then and I was SO mad when she made me ruin my costume by wearing knit tights and a coat because it was already really cold that year. I remember saying Wonder Woman doesn't get cold, but it didn't work.

Anonymous said...

When I was about 10, my friend Gina and I decided that it would be fun to decorate my house for Halloween. We got out our coloring books, colored some black cats and pumpkins, and after cutting them out, we put them on the bricks near the front door with ELMER'S GLUE!! My usually laid back mom was not so laid back that day. I think you can still see the glue. - Sherry

Steven said...

OK, so I'm a little late...

My father put together a stuffed Frakenstein-looking thing every year on our front porch. After a few years, the older kids started joking about the stuffed dummy...well, one year my father dressed up as the dummy and sat on the porch and waited. When the older kids came up, making fun of the "dummy", my father jumped up and chased them all over the neighborhood! Awesome!