Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mascots fighting...are you serious?

My friend Lance was telling me yesterday that at one of our local high school football games this week there was an altercation between the mascots. Yes, you read that correctly, the mascots. The only thing stupider (is that a word?) than two people getting in a fight over sports is two people dressed in fuzzy costumes with over sized heads getting in a fight over sports.

With that in my mind here's a video courtesy of the good people at YouTube of one mascot executing a spear on another mascot that would make Bill Goldberg proud.


DMaC said...

Normally I would agree but do remember Neil getting into it with the Winthrop eagle? Years later Arnie was the mascot and had a brawl with some fowl or feline-like character. So I think the rule of thumb is; Fighting mascots is unacceptable unless you know someone inside the fuzzy suit.

Cliff Marshall said...

Good point. I was telling someone just the other day about Neil using his high school wrestling moves on the Eagle.

Mark H. Johnson said...

Nice tackle! But, I think he would get a flag these days ;-)

Chip Reeves said...

Golly, I guess if you're going to pitch the softball, I am obliged to hit it out of the park. I've had my own battles to fight--mainly because other mascots thought it was still Neil inside and wanted revenge. I recall one occasion in Conway where a certain chicken had to be dispatched with extreme prejudice (no high school wrestling moves but the "reserve stock" my little brother never got though he deserved it). In my expert opinion, stupid mascots do stupid stuff and then they pay. Still sorry I never passed that wisdom on to Arnie.

Anonymous said...

Let it be known that Bucky Badger (Wisconsin)got "jacked up" by Sparty (Michigan State)!

Thanks for representing Michigan schools....I believe that scene was missing from the "300" movie too, otherwise 301 Spartans might have been enough!